The extreme right wing German party NPD has scheduled their federal party conference for the year 2015 on the 21st and 22nd of November. They intend to carry it out in the town hall of Weinheim, a town in the south-west of Germany (between Mannheim, Heidelberg and Darmstadt). The NPD is deeply racist and radically nationalist in their views, positions and official statements. They are also known to maintain connections to militant neofascist groups throughout the country.

As in the past years the NPD will try to use their party conference to draw the attention of the press and the general public to their racist manifesto and right wing populist manifesto and electoral demands. They spread their nationalistic agitation under the pretence of being a democratic party, thereby making right wing positions appear acceptable points of view. They also make use of their status as a party to blackmail the town council of Weinheim into allwoing them to rent the town hall, despite of heavy criticism and protest from the town’s population.

We will not accept this!
Block NPD 2015 is an alliance of antifascist groups and intiatives as well as politically interested people. We believe the fascism is not an opinion, not a legitimate polical point of view. Fascism is a crime.

Therefore we intend to organise and conduct a wide range of protest activities against the party conference. Our aim is to use our protest activities to block the town hall and prevent the party conference from happening.

Zero tolerance for fascism!